October 2014

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I’ve blogged enough jibber jabber this month, we don’t need a list of “things learned.” I hope everyone has a great Halloween today. My girl Tate is arriving this evening and we are dancing the night away. I’m going as a kaleidoscope. Yep, a kaleidoscope. I’ll be sure to post photos.

Now that we’re finished with October, it’s time to blog for 30 days straight in November!

If you haven’t yet read about my November blogging challenge. Click here–join us via blogging, social media, or email! I’d love to hear from you. I’ll be blogging and sharing all month using the hashtag #30for30 or #yepindeed. Here’s a big Instagram dump from this month. See you back tomorrow for Day one: November Goals…sadly, I did not complete many of my October goals…I did get a lot done though! Ha!

2014-10-01_1412197922 2014-10-02_1412281491 2014-10-03_1412373324 2014-10-04_1412446097 2014-10-04_1412446535 2014-10-06_1412628702 2014-10-07_1412710990 2014-10-10_1412971563 2014-10-14_1413308885 2014-10-14_1413322327 2014-10-15_1413387548 2014-10-16_1413475976 2014-10-18_1413648728 2014-10-20_1413837410 2014-10-23_1414094216 2014-10-23_1414096036 2014-10-24_1414194739 2014-10-25_1414272182 2014-10-27_1414368856 2014-10-27_1414439813 2014-10-28_1414508452 2014-10-03_1412338925 2014-10-07_1412695204 2014-10-08_1412808359 2014-10-11_1412991164 2014-10-13_1413229534 2014-10-16_1413493225 2014-10-19_1413724285 2014-10-20_1413832496 2014-10-21_1413909588 2014-10-24_1414154577 2014-10-26_1414334841 2014-10-02_1412284460 2014-10-03_1412370087 2014-10-04_1412447825 2014-10-05_1412524831 2014-10-05_1412529810 2014-10-05_1412533984 2014-10-08_1412784126 2014-10-09_1412889342 2014-10-10_1412944982 2014-10-11_1413058072 2014-10-11_1413060173 2014-10-12_1413077176 2014-10-12_1413122296 2014-10-14_1413290272 2014-10-16_1413461211 2014-10-17_1413572241 2014-10-17_1413577219 2014-10-18_1413661689 2014-10-19_1413677798 2014-10-20_1413849410 2014-10-21_1413923029 2014-10-22_1414014395 2014-10-25_1414258805 2014-10-28_1414539810 2014-10-29_1414618770 2014-10-30_1414631010 2014-10-01_1412191750 2014-10-05_1412519555 2014-10-07_1412703501 2014-10-09_1412875092 2014-10-12_1413129181 2014-10-13_1413204930 2014-10-13_1413214370 2014-10-18_1413645472 2014-10-19_1413739812 2014-10-21_1413897500 2014-10-22_1414011403 2014-10-24_1414181549 2014-10-26_1414345344 2014-10-30_1414704878


Poses: 42/52 + 43/52: Urdhva Dhanurasana + Viparita Dandasana

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2014-09-28_1411933985 10362224_227054304171124_1994741967_n

For the first time this year, I totally forgot to post a pose! Making up for it this week with two poses, similar to each other. One is obviously a gateway to the other.

For a long time Urdhva Dhanurasana, or full backbend, was a real challenge for me. It takes everything and it really takes it out of you. Exhausting.

Rather than write anything, the best possible source of information for these poses is Christina Sell. I still think of things I learned in her classes every single time I go up into a backbend.

For Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana, this trick of hers changed everything for me

Unfortunately I’ve been sidelined on these postures for the past couple weeks due to a pulled muscle in my chest due to coughing (I know right?!?!). It’s finally almost gone, so hopefully I’ll be wheeling before too long.

my favorite beauty products…..HA!

October 28, 2014 § 1 Comment


This is going to be sad.

I’m not kidding when I say that I own zero makeup. I have nothing to offer here. The best I can do is talk about the few products I do use on a daily basis…mostly hair, but it’s all I got.


I’m a huge fan of Himalaya Organics. I love the Rejuvenating Shampoo and the Amla + Holy Basil Conditioner. I also use their facial cleansers. I love all four varieties: Hydrating, Neem + Turmeric, Invigorating, & the Exfoliating Walnut + Wood Apple. I mostly rotate between the four.

Their products smell amazing, work really well, and check out with flying colors environmentally and in terms of being cruelty-free. A fun product that I’m intrigued by is their U-Knead-It Balm. Can’t wait to try it out…on my shopping list for next Whole Foods trip.


Coconut Oil

Among many others thing, I use coconut oil to shave my legs. It works 100x better than any store bought shave gel and after you dry off, your legs feel like you’ve already applied lotion. It’s kind of magic. Coconut oil is a natural anti-septic, anti-fungal, so it’s perfect for shaving.


Trader Joe’s Enrich Facial Moisturizer

This is a controversial item for me. It’s the only thing I am still using that gets a somewhat bad grade from the Environmental Working Group. However, I’ve blogged about it before. $4.49 a bottle and you’ll have the clearest skin of your life. At least, I do. I’ve tried many times to stop using this and switch to a different one and every time I break out like crazy! Andrew says it’s all in my head and he’s probably right, but sheesh….


The second group of products I love are Davines hair products. I discovered this Italian line when I started getting my hair cut at Schaper’s in Louisville. Local readers: if you need an amazing haircut, I HIGHLY recommend Jenna at Schaper’s…she’s responsible for the most successful pixie cut of my life!

These products smell INSANE. I love the hair OI/Oil, the This is a Sea Salt spray, and the This is an Invisible Serum

That’s all I have…I would have to resort to writing about epsom salts if I kept going. That’s the best I’ve got. Haha.



30 for 30

October 27, 2014 § 4 Comments


Last month’s challenge was in celebration of this blog’s third anniversary. It got me out of a blogging rut–it was so fun! This month has thirty days in it and I’m also turning 30. Let’s do it again! November is also the month of NaBloPoMo, a derivation of the NaNoWriMo phenomenon….so we’re on trend and it’s good timing.

Only this time, I make the rules.

Participation can be through blogging, Twitter, Instagram, or even email! I would love to hear from you out there on one or all of these topics. If you feel like chatting directly through email, get in touch at: yepindeedblog@gmail.com.

Following me on Twitter and Instagram at @graylin_porter.

Use the hashtags #30for30 or #yepindeed. Or tag it to the wider event w/ #NaBloPoMo

Here’s my challenge.

Day 1 // November goals
Day 2 // 1 Photo: one photo & a post inspired by it
Day 3 // The little ways you cope with Mondays
Day 4 // Favorite novel
Day 5 // Three recipes you want to make right now
Day 6 // Favorite Twitter accounts
Day 7 // TGIF — your celebratory rituals
Day 8 // Free pass — blog whatever!
Day 9 //  1 Photo
Day 10 // If you could live anywhere?
Day 11 // Favorite Instagram accounts
Day 12 // How you brighten your every day.
Day 13 // If you could have any other job, what?
Day 14 // Favorite blogs
Day 15 // 1 Photo
Day 16 // Free pass — blog whatever!
Day 17 // Your winter essentials
Day 18 // Your choice of 3 famous (dead or living) dinner guests
Day 19 // 1 Photo
Day 20 // Favorite Pinterest accounts
Day 21 // How synchronicity changes your life
Day 22 // NO POST…It’s my birthday!
Day 23 // Favorite Thanksgiving dish and/or family recipe
Day 24 // Free pass — blog whatever!
Day 25 // A completely frivolous, indulgent Christmas list
Day 26 //  Favorite Thanksgiving family tradition
Day 27 // Thanksgiving
Day 28 // 1 fictional character you’d take with you Black Friday shopping
Day 29 // 1 Photo
Day 30 // Month in review

If this is anything like last month, it makes the month FLY by.

my tips for a new blogger

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I really don’t feel qualified to give any advice about blogging. I talked a bit about it in this post a few months ago, but I’m really not in this blog game full force. I don’t make any money from it and don’t feel any need to move in that direction. I still use WordPress.com rather than .org.

My advice if you want to start a blog? Make sure you like doing it. I’ve always told myself that I will continue writing this blog as long as I enjoy doing it. The minute it becomes a chore–I’m done. It’s that simple.

Also, fully understand why you want to start a blog. I started mine and am still blogging because I wanted an online scrapbook for myself of things that “make daily life better.” I try to work every post from that angle.

Please let me know if you start a blog. I’d love to subscribe and maybe work together! Stay tuned for details on the November 30 for 30 Blogging Challenge I have planned. It’s going to be fun!


weekend highlights

October 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

923820_314730508724131_605967651_n 10005401_751160631606269_868115180_nProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 presetProcessed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset 10724584_784425798284126_1163310963_nProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 preset 10731462_1012373765455537_1401628287_n 10735213_611859545584980_520814347_n

It was a great weekend. Corydon’s Halloween parade and Mom had a party complete with walking tacos and white chili. We were also lucky to have one of the cutest puppies of all in attendance.


my favorite things about the holidays

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So this is not hard at all. I love the holidays and have some definite most favorite things about them. Let’s do this.



We had a version of this every year when I was a kid without the red wine that we called “hot punch.” When we lived in Norway and I discovered that people love it there too only they add copious amounts of red wine, I about had a heart attack. It’s heaven….like drinking potpourri. I don’t make mine like most of the online recipes, but this seems to be a good one. I plan to post my recipe in November.

Harry Belafonte // To Wish You A Merry Christmas


In my family, it is NOT Christmas without this album. Everyone got their copy upon turning 18. Like, an actual CD with a booklet. It’s that serious.

Caramel making…not that I actually make them…2013-12-10-10-36-41

My Mom’s side of the family have been making these homemade caramels for generations. They are much coveted around town. Mom has to make several batches each year and those who receive them squirrel them away. Various aunts and cousins all make them and a few years back, my brother started making them. Well, of course I’m supposed to make them. However, they take almost three hours…of CONSTANT STIRRING. It’s crazy. I will say since iPads and Netflix came along, things have been easier. Each person who makes caramels has their own Sandy Softball. The official family mascot of caramel making


It’s ridiculous and wonderful. When my grandmother died in 2005, there was an extra Sandy. Last year she was given to Andrew who has proudly taken up the torch of caramel making for me!

These. Boxes and boxes of them.


Barbra Streisand’s version of Jingle Bells. Two minutes of spastic goodness.

There is so much more. There are only a few things about the holidays that I dislike.

I can’t believe October is almost over. It flew by and this challenge has been so fun. I’m thinking about making my own for November. Thirty posts for thirty days in celebration of my thirtieth birthday on the 22nd. Who’s game!? Let’s do it!



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