favorite workout (yoga) songs

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Where do I even start?

This is both the easiest and most difficult post of the month. I could go on for an entire month on just this topic alone. Because I no longer “work out,” this has to be a yoga music playlist showcase.

First, there a few songs that have held up over time as the best to yoga to ever, in my opinion.

The Lime Tree // Trevor Hall

Intro // The XX

Colors // Amos Lee

Making yoga playlists is fun, but tough. The possibilities are endless, yet you feel stumped at the same time.

In honor of this post, I’ve made most of my Spotify playlists public. You can find 36 and counting 60 minute class playlists here. 

past favorite halloween costumes…

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The sad thing is….this wasn’t Halloween, but one of many, many costume parties in college.

Me and my roommate Bri. Yes, because in college I lived in a house with two other gals whose names were Bri and Brae…and I’m Gray. I’m not even kidding. .

Honestly, I don’t get into Halloween that much.  I guess there was that time in college that a friend and I went as Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson. Classy.


However, I have a hands down favorite past costume. As kids, BFF Barrett and I went as panda bears. Not any particular character, just simply, panda bears. It was great.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Oh and the lady in the black? That’s totally my grandmother. Halloween was her favorite.

wordless wednesday

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we’re halfway there. #tgif

transformation tuesday

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My first time sharing my yoga practice on Instagram, September 10, 2012.

Originally I was not just shy to share my yoga practice through photos, but also a little wary. It seems to be a theme of this month’s blogging challenge, but it just makes me feel silly and self-indulgent. I mean, yoga is not about showing off what you can do. But I also want to be part of a greater community and use social media to support the studio and truly share how I spend many hours of my weeks.

Every time I start to think negatively about my own photos, I try to remind myself of how I feel when I look through the feeds of the truly great yogis and yoginis that are on Instagram. I don’t feel at all put off, but completely and totally inspired! It gives me ideas, teaches me new poses, and motivates me. I love it. I have also connected with many through my yoga photos and it feels like a real community more and more everyday.

There have been some great pieces around the internet on how Instagram is changing yoga. It’s all silly, but fun regardless.

Yoga takes time and patience but also, PRACTICE. Thanks to all of you for your tips, support, and encouragement either through social media or by coming to classes at the studio. I never intended to get so immersed into this practice, but I did and couldn’t be more grateful.

After the photos, I’ve included links to some of my favorite people on, yep, Instagram. You’ll notice that the people I like most do not post ALL yoga photos. I love a mix of personal with the yoga poses. It makes it human and I appreciate that.

Follow along with me here!



Favorite yogagrammers:

Kathryn Budig

Taylor Harkness

Yoga Medicine aka Tiffany Cruikshank

Rachel Brathen aka The Yoga Girl

Laruga Yoga

Nightmare Tales

Mackenzie Miller




a day in the life

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2014-10-01 15.24.10

Back to work today. It was a good day, but boy, it was DARK and RAINING this morning. Coffee much needed.


I’m feeling a little pressed for time this afternoon for blogging a full “day in the life” and, again, it makes me feel a little strange. Honestly, I can’t say that a typical day in my life is worth a detailed description…

I get up, do yoga, shower, drink coffee + a smoothie, drive to work, read aloud and help kids choose books for several hours, get home, walk the dogs, fix dinner, teach yoga, eat dinner, watch a show, read a book, take a bath, do some yin yoga, then go to sleep. There ya go!

Today I did manage to pop over to Seeds and Greens, a new natural market and deli in New Albany. I was so happy to find my most favorite creamer there and a new line of essential oils I’ve never come across. I’m really intrigued by the Dragon’s Breath and the Fire + Ice.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a transformation themed post. Hope everyone’s Monday was smooth!



books I’m reading

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2014-10-14 13.37.42

So, it’s not so much about what I’m reading right now, but what I just read. AToday I will finish The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters. Don’t walk, RUN to get this book. NOW. Not only is it incredibly well-written, but insanely entertaining. There’s nothing else you need to be reading right now.

As far a few other books I recommend, check out this post.

Not sure what I’m going to start next. I’m currently listening to Devil in the White City by Erik Larson on audio book. Thinking about this one for my next in hand selection.

top places I’d like to travel

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This photo was taken my junior year of college a few months before leaving for my study abroad.

Picking places I’d like to travel is not at all hard. There are only a handful of places I would not like to go. While I loved loved loved it, Europe is pretty much taken care of at this point.

So here’s my top three as of right now:


I would love to go to the Ashtanga Institute in Mysore, India. Not sure it will ever happen, but I would jump at the chance. I love this map from UK based illustrator Holly Wales. She’s great!


Funnily enough, the next two destinations are right here in the US. I would love to see the many unbelievable national parks in Utah.



And like I said a few posts back, I would love to see California.


San Francisco, Big Sur, the Redwoods. All on my list.

source // source // source // source

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